Day 3: Cambodia to Vietnam

IMG_0710 IMG_0718

We took a boat from Phnom Penh to Chau Duc in Vietnam today! What a great way to travel four hours. The border crossing by boat was really interesting: quiet and efficient. We had to climb up steep steps on the river bank to depart Cambodia and then again when arriving in Vietnam.

Now that we are in Vietnam, it is beautiful and relaxing. We headed to a fish farm on the Mekong delta and learned about the fishing industry and exports in this area. Following that, we toured the Chau Duc village, which is predominantly Muslim. I didn’t know there was so much diversity in Vietnam, with 56 tribes and eight languages.


Finally, we went to the village market which had lots of stalls and sold mostly food and trinkets. Most of the food was raw or dried fish (and fruits and vegetables), which has a distinct smell. I was surprised that so many of my classmates had never been exposed to this environment. I thought the food looked delicious and fresh!


I’m excited to see what our next day in Vietnam is like!